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At SunShine Floor Supplies Inc. We are committed to bringing a standard of excellence to the flooring industry. We offer the absolute best price for the highest quality products. We take pride in the fact that we are devoted to service and integrity. We pledge to satisfy our most valuable asset, our customers, with the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and competence.




People began Installing hardwood floors about 400 years ago. The thick planks were cut from the heart of the trees. The trees were very hard and difficult to cut.
Once cut, the flooring was installed. Because it was usually white in color and rough in texture, the wealthy paid to have it stained and refinished. The whole process was done completely by hand and could take weeks. The finished product was beautiful, but way too costly for the average homeowner. Thankfully, we have improved the process so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of hardwood flooring. We can now cut the wood with huge machines. We've improved the floor installation process and have electric machines to sand and polish, creating beautiful finishes.
Sunshine Floor Supplies Inc. is Bridgeport's go-to company for hardwood floor shopping. Your experience begins when you walk in the showroom. We will listen to your needs and desires. We'll ask a few questions so we can guide you better. Then we will find the options that suit your needs in the price range you give us. We have a wide selection of every type of floor in each price range.
SunShine Floor Supplies Inc. For all your floor needs!