Yes, with some care and TLC, solid hardwood flooring and moisture get along without any repercussions.

We know how much you love these floors; they have visual appeal and countless benefits. Plus, they last for years, sometimes even up to 100, so continue reading to learn how to combat moisture.

Acclimation: preparation for installation

This pre-installation process will allow the wood floors to match your moisture levels. Remember, hardwood is usually harvested from trees in another location, often growing in a different climate.

Leave opened boxes, or place the planks side-by-side on the floor for three to five days in the room where the planks are installed. The room should be climate controlled without excessive heat or air conditioning.

Engineered flooring, another version of hardwood, should also be acclimated. It is more stable and better able to handle water, but it's usually installed as a floating floor. The slightest movement will affect the balance, and we won't take that chance with your investment.

Installing hardwood flooring

Think again if you believe the subfloor has nothing to do with the surface floor because moisture can easily travel up. That is why it's critical to have the wood floors placed correctly by a professional installer.  

Moisture readings are taken throughout the process, so it will constantly be monitored, and restoration, if needed, will take place. As for the actual installation, know that solid wood is installed as a traditional/nail down, while engineered can be glued, stapled, or float.
 After the installation

Both solid and engineered hardwood flooring is easy to maintain. Wipe spills immediately, put mats strategically and always wipe them dry with a clean towel to avoid water seepage between the planks and onto the subfloor. 

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