If you have hardwood flooring, there will likely be times you’ll have to deal with moisture issues. In today's post, we will discuss that in greater detail, so your peace of mind will be as great as your wood flooring.

Wood floors are an excellent addition to your home

Humidity and other moisture issues can hurt all wood flooring, whether you have solid or engineered flooring. While engineered wood handles these issues a bit better, they are still susceptible to problems.

Some reactions to excess humidity and moisture can include buckling, warping, cracking, and cupping, but the good news is you can avoid these with a few simple steps.

The first is to make sure the proper expansion gap is left around your floor's perimeter, a process that your professional installation team will handle. But you can also maintain adequate humidity levels with air conditioning, heating, and dehumidifiers, if necessary, for the best results.

When the weather is less than perfect, be sure to have area rugs or runners in place so that moisture doesn’t get tracked in on your floors. And be sure to leave your HVAC running if you leave your home for an extended vacation or business trip.

Find the wood floors you want and need

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