Hardwood flooring is known for many outstanding attributes, including a long lifespan, excellent durability, and appearance options that create the perfect décor match. But it is often most sought-after for the value it adds to your home.

Wood floors can do so much

One of the reasons that hardwood adds so much value to your home is the extensive lifespan it offers. These floors have been known to exceed 100 years with proper maintenance and care, with some floors still functioning after 200 years.

Since these are all-natural materials, they can be refinished once wear starts to show, bringing them back to a like-new finish with ease. The process removes decades of wear, leaving you with a fresh new wood layer to which fresh stain, sealant, and finish can be applied.

Durability is vital to every homeowner, and you'll have the option to personalize yours. Each species offers specific characteristics and hardnesses, with oak offering one of the hardest and easiest surfaces to manage over time.

With many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for all your needs, especially the flooring need that adds excellent value to your home. When you're ready to consider all your options, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

Find your wood floors at our showroom

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