Hardwood Flooring Design Ideas near Stamford CT by Sunshine Floor Supplies.

We installed hardwood flooring and recoated wood flooring through out Stamford and Fairfield County for many years now. We have also worked with some amazing interior designers in the area. Some of our hardwood installation designs are very intricate and detailed. They require expert knowledge and craftmanship. Our most favorite hardwood designs and installtions are shown below.

To encourage you to create your own interior design project, we gathered a few hardwood designs to share with you. We hope they inspired you.

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A high contrast herringbone wood flooring layout that proves a great interior design lies within the details. And the glossy finish elevates the design to an even higher level. The choice to lay the runner on the stairs is perfect and accents the patterns throughout the space. Hardwood herringbone pattern can take an ordinary room and make it exceptional. One of our favorite hardwood flooring design ideas for any room.


Hardwood stairways are sure-fire way to elevate any interior design project.  This foyer is simply stunning with hardwood flooring stairs. The winding staircase immediately calls for your attention with its effortless incorporation of different elements. From the hardwood, to the brass and matte black finish of the metalwork, to the white moulding, this staircase is unparalleled.


This is a massive kitchen space and what makes it feel grounded and balanced is the amazing hardwood floors. The white-on-white color scheme of this kitchen makes it feel light and airy, but the richer tones of the hardwood levels the space and makes the design feel grounded. We’re so impressed with this design and we hope this inspires you.


All you need is a traditional hardwood flooring layout and you’re set. With different shades, this hardwood layout adds a little more character and uniqueness to the design. And the contrast between the dark tone moulding isn’t to be missed. Overall, this space is clean and neat making a fine first impression. The wood trim around the door sets the mood with classic elegance.  Hardwood flooring is a perfect way to complement traditional interior designs.

Hardwood Stairs, Hallway,and Entryway

What’s not to love about this design? For one, that winding staircase is the envy of any home. And two, this hardwood layout is a fantastic design choice for this space. While hardwood floor contrasts with the other hardwood in the space, it creates a solid foundation on which the rest of the design builds. It is a consistent presence within the space that makes its own statement. All of the accents are exquisite and this interior design is one of our favorites.

Hardwood Modern Livingroom

Now that we’ve found ourselves spending a little more time at home, it’s more important than ever to appreciate the simple pleasures within your space. What are your favorite features in your living room, bedroom, home office? We have always had an affinity for our hardwood floors. Take this design for example, the chevron layout effortlessly directs the flow of energy all while offering a bright and clean foundation for the rest of the design.

Hardwood Modern Bedroom

There are so many different elements at play in this bedroom that make it worth adding to the list. With the hardwood floor, platform, and accent wall, the energy flow of this space takes many different directions. The different elements all tie together well. The darker tone of the floor balances the room while the lighter wood tones creates the right contrast. We like the modern design and the hardwood flooring choice.


Althought this design is not hardwood flooring, we couldn’t help but add it to the hardwood flooring design ideas. This beautiful installation of Kowa stoneware is stunning and perfect interior design inspiration. The Kowa Collection is stoneware from Japan and it is carried by Sunshine Floor Supplies. Exquisitely designed, these extruded and pressed elements form wall screens and dimensional decorative surfaces. The wall screens are supported by metal rods and brackets, and provide semi-privacy while allowing light and air to pass through. Some dimensional tiles are ‘open void’ designs that are applied to painted walls, mirror, or other finished surfaces in interesting combinations. Kowa stoneware is rated for exterior use in freeze-thaw climates.