Hardwood Flooring Design Inspirations & Chevron Hardwood Flooring  In Stamford & Bridgeport, CT

Hardwood flooring design makes all the difference in a home. Good, quality interior design requires more than a good eye for style, colors, accents, and home decor. It requires excellent craftsmanship. The above photo illustrates the importance of good design and hardwood flooring in interior design. Flooring is the foundation of good design. The choice of floors plays a crucial role in home decor. The exquisite design details in this design and the hardwood flooring chevron pattern compliment the rustic desk and open space perfectly.

Chevron hardwood flooring patterns require great skill and experience to install. Hardwood flooring is a labor of love, and it takes time to do it right, but it is so worth it. We haven’t met an interior designer yet, who wouldn’t want to use hardwood flooring in their designs.

At Sunshine Floor Supplies, we pride ourselves on paying attention to detail and in hardwood flooring. After all, good design is in the details. With years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry, you can count on our craftsmanship and dedication to every detail. We have installed hardwood flooring in Stamford, Bridgeport, and in all of Fairfield County. Sunshine Floor Supplies is the best hardwood flooring source and hardwood installation service in Fairfield County.

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Chevron Hardwood Flooring Design In A Contemporary Kitchen

This white kitchen with beautiful light brown hardwood floors in a chevron pattern is stunning! This kitchen is gorgeous! From the modern light fixtures to the accent hardware, to the touches of natural tones in the stools and shelving, it is exquisite. We will say that the hardwood floor is the main factor that seamlessly ties this design together. It truly is an elegant space.

Two Modern Chevron Hardwood Flooring Designs

Modern Dining Room
Modern with a touch of old Victorian elements. This design does a great job combining the two concepts to create an overall striking effect. What we’re paying most attention to is the hardwood floor. The herringbone layout provides a great directional flow to the room while the different shades of the wood create a lovely dynamic within the space.

Modern Open Concept Kitchen & Dining Room
The intricate design of the ceiling is beyond impressive while it also complements the just as impressive hardwood flooring layout. The rich tones of the dining table and chairs echo the darker shades within the hardwood making for a warm and inviting atmosphere. With modern lights to brighten the space, this space feels complete.