It's not difficult to keep your hardwood flooring looking brand new. Dust and dirt stay on the surface where they can be easily removed. Keep in mind that wood floors are different from tile and vinyl floors. An all-purpose cleaner can dull a wood floor's finish, and a soap-based cleaner can leave a residue. The flooring specialists at Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings, a full-service flooring retailer, can provide helpful tips for keeping your wood floors looking their best. We offer a wide selection of wood flooring in Fort Myers, Florida.

Routine cleaning

Since dirt scratches hardwood, it's best to use indoor and outdoor rugs to limit the damage. While this lessens the amount of cleaning needed, soil still needs to be removed as soon as possible since it rubs the floor's finish like sandpaper—clean daily with a soft bristle broom or a microfiber mop which doesn't require water. Or vacuum the floor with an attachment that won't scratch the floor.

Deep cleaning

You should deep clean solid and engineered flooring two to four times a year with a commercial wood floor cleaner. Or use castile soap, a biodegradable, vegetable-based soap that contains no synthetic ingredients. Then, with a damp microfiber mop, clean a small area of the floor, rinse, and repeat. Or use s-shape turns to ensure the leading edge is catching all the dirt. When finished, rinse the mop thoroughly and then damp mop the floor again with water only.

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