Do engineered wood floors come with padding?

Maybe we had better clarify, because when we talk about “padding,” we are not talking about what is underneath the carpet. That is too thick and too soft to support a wood floor. With that being said, whenever engineered flooring is installed as a floating floor, it needs some underlayment placed underneath to insulate from moisture and sound.


Many people do not know that concrete is porous, and as a result, moisture passes through it. While engineered wood is pretty resilient, we still need a way to minimize the effect of moisture. Thus plastic moisture barriers have been developed to prevent the water from coming up and causing problems with the floor. Some of these moisture barriers also have a thin cushion on them, which makes the floor somewhat softer to walk on and tends to minimize minor imperfections in the subfloor.


Even in areas where moisture is not a concern, a felt pad to absorb sound may be worth considering. They help to reduce the sound of walking on the floor in that room, but that sound carries into other rooms of your home. Another option to consider when it comes to sound insulation is a cork subfloor. Cork is excellent at absorbing sound and has a natural moisture resistance of its own. Another advantage of a cork subfloor is that it is naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal. If you have allergies, this may be an option you will want to explore for your engineered wood floors.

What if it is nailed down?

So, let’s assume you are not installing a floating floor, but instead are having it nailed down on a wood subfloor. Do you still need an underlayment? In most cases, a felt-paper is used to go under your engineered flooring. This provides a layer of moisture protection and does not interfere with the nailing process.

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