Ideal in any space, a solid or engineered hardwood installation assures elegant, timeless beauty like no other. Whether modern or classic, wood slats make an impressive foundation for any space, available in a fantastic array of varnish colors, species, and grains. This kind of surfacing, however, does require special attention to ensure it remains in peak condition. Water and humidity are a particular concern, as they can cause damage to the surface or mar the patina with stains. Luckily, keeping wood slats in great shape all year long is relatively straightforward with the following suggestions.

Install a dehumidifier

The best course of action to combat moisture issues starts with installing a dehumidifier. Portable ones are ideal as you can move them around or even store them if need be. Please place them in various corners of rooms with a wood installation to remove excess moisture in the air. Homeowners should keep dehumidifiers throughout the year, whether they live in climates with high or occasional rainfall. Dehumidifiers also help remove additional moisture that may creep in from unexpected water sources.

Track water usage

Monitor water in the home in terms of limiting areas where it is used. The bathroom and kitchen, of course, are spaces where homeowners typically interact with water. Limit water usage to these areas when possible and check these rooms regularly to prevent potential moisture buildup. Mop up spills immediately to avoid stained floors. When transporting liquids from the kitchen to other rooms, stay vigilant to catch spills. Proper monitoring is essential to prevent your floors from damage.

Maximize ventilation

There are many ways to improve ventilation in any house, which is pivotal in removing moisture from rooms. For instance, crawl spaces and attics can be enhanced to act as additional ventilation. Homeowners can benefit significantly from these relatively low-cost solutions to reduce water leakage that stems from other sources. Added ventilation not only decreases excess water in the home but improves the general air quality too.

Quality wood floors

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