If you have hardwood flooring, you might experience moisture issues at some point in time. There are many causes and proper solutions for each one, so read along for more information about the topic.

Wood floors and moisture don’t mix

Many issues can cause moisture issues with your wood floors. Groundwater issues, condensation, leaky appliances, concrete subfloor problems, and damaged vapor barriers are a few of them.

Without proper care, extensive ongoing moisture issues can cause buckling, warping, crowning, or cupping. However, if these issues are caught in time, your wood flooring can often be saved before lasting damage can occur.

With leaks or area flooding, be sure to use towels, mops, or a wet vac to soak up and remove as much water as possible. Even if you don't see puddled water, keep at it, as the liquid can be taking up space in plank seams and pores on the wood's surface.

Generally, it's wise always to control humidity as much as possible, even if you have engineered flooring in place. Also, be sure to include a moisture barrier and if the wood is installed over concrete, be sure to gauge the humidity of the concrete or have it properly sealed to avoid future problems.

Let us help with your wood floors

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