Wood floors have enormous visual appeal. They'll instantly up-level your home, add value to your property, last for decades, and are versatile enough to work with any atmosphere.

Water and moisture are always a concern, especially with solid hardwood flooring, which can be damaged by excess water and moisture, so here’s a guide to preventing and combating those challenges

Choose the right hardwood flooring

Consider engineered flooring if you install in an area prone to leaks or a below-grade space, such as a basement. This version is similar to solid, and both can be refinished and add value to a property.

The only difference is in the construction. While solid hardwood flooring is one thickness throughout, engineered is layered with a bit of resin, giving it a little more flexibility as to where it can be installed. 

Be sure to acclimate 

Acclimation is a process where opened boxes stay in the room where the installation takes place for three to five days before installation. This allows the planks to get used to their new environment by aligning their moisture levels with the room.

Both solid and engineered should be acclimated. Engineered is more stable, but it's often installed as a floating floor that hovers over the subfloor; even the slightest change in the humidity can create a shift.

What you can do

  • Wipespills immediately if they get wet. 

  • Removewet objects and excess water from floors and go over them again witha clean, dry towel.

  • Whenyou clean and polish, make sure it's wiped dry. 

  • Putmats at entrances, especially in a snowy, icy, andsummer-storm-prone place like Connecticut.

  • Callfor service if you are unsure of the possible damage.

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