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Top flooring brands in all of Connecticut can be found at Sunshine Floor Supplies in Stamford and Bridgeprt Ct. We carry and install all the best flooring brands from, engineered hardwood floors, waterproof flooring, solid hardwood, and both tile flooring and wall accents. The best way to choose the right floor is to see first hand and to talk to a expert.  Visit our flooring retail store near you to get a sample and the best advice in all of Stamford and Bridgeport.

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Flooring Brands | Image is Alta Vista Malibu | See Hallmark Floors Hardwood Flooring products at Sunshine Floors in Stamford, Ct

Hallmark Floors

The Hallmark Floors’ makes beautiful floors. They have a floor for every design project. Their flooring hardwood and waterproof products crafted with state-of-the-art manufacturing. Known for their contemporary flooring and their wide white oak hardwood flooring and natural finishes. Visit our flooring retail stores and see the Alta Vista and True Collection.

Hallmark Floors’ Hardwood Floors Collections

Brand Flooring | Three Trees Flooring Hardwood Flooring products at Sunshine Floors in Stamford, Ct

Three Trees Flooring

Inspired by the company’s European roots we provide engineered hardwood flooring encompassed with European quality, design and innovation with a Canadian touch. Three good reasons beyond the floors beauty to consider Three Trees Flooring products. 1. Durable Hardwax Finish 2. Eco-Friendly 3. Maintenance & Care – Talk to an expert at Sunshine Floor Supplies to learn more about Three Tree Flooring hardwood flooring.

Three Trees Flooring Hardwood Floors

Rememeber a small sample will never tell they whole story when it comes to hardwood flooring. Sunshine Floor Supplies has three locations near you. Visit our showrooms to see our latest collections.

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