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Have you considered prefinished solid hardwood?

If you’re new to hardwood flooring, you might not have heard about the option for prefinished materials. These offer a wide variety of benefits and can make the entire process very smooth and easy. We want to give you more information about that here today.

Prefinished materials are quite trendy at the moment, as they offer plenty of options that are desirable for homeowners. For quick durability and a super clean environment, there’s hardly a better choice. But let’s dive in a little deeper to find out what else you can expect from this material.

Wood floors make a difference

Wood floors offer incredible elegance with a timeless appeal that seems to weather trend change after trend change. The materials are an excellent match for a variety of décor schemes, so you’re always able to make the very best addition to any room. You’ll find that species selection, stain color, and texture all go a long way to create the look you’ve always wanted.

If you choose prefinished solid hardwood, you’ll love the laundry list of benefits that come along with it. For instance, there's no sanding that will take place inside your home. You won’t have to tape up ductwork or doors because there’s no dust to travel around your home from the sanding process.

You’ll also notice there’s no smell either. The finishing process is finished in the factory, not your home so that the urethane smell won’t be there. It not only saves the air space in your living environment but speeds up the process very much.

Another benefit of having the urethane coat applied at the factory is the immense protection you’ll receive. This coating is thick, with several layers applied, including aluminum oxide, which makes it very hard and durable, and resists wear from traffic, pet nails, child’s play, and more. You'll find years of wear hardly leave a mark for great-looking floors well into the future.

Find your solid hardwood flooring at our showrooms

When you visit SunShine Floor Supplies, you’ll find a wealth of excellent materials and services that will cater to any flooring need. Our associates are always on hand to offer excellent assistance in all your browsing, and to answer any questions you might have. If you are in the Stamford & Bridgeport, CT communities, or the Dania Beach, FL area, be sure to visit our showrooms there to see our prefinished solid hardwood flooring for yourself. We look forward to matching you with the perfect materials.