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The importance of a professional flooring installation

After spending significant amounts of time choosing the perfect floor covering, the final step in your flooring experience is to set up a professional flooring installation. This service takes your flooring choice and brings it together with your preferences and requirements to create the flooring you genuinely want and need. And it’s an excellent way to gain great peace of mind as well.

When we help plan your installation, we’ll make sure all your needs are met. Long before we start the process, we'll discuss all the details to make sure we all understand exactly what's going to happen. It's also a great time to share your concerns and requirements.

Flooring installation done right

Of course, any excellent flooring installation begins with the perfect flooring. If you haven’t chosen yours yet, we’d love to help match you to the ideal materials for your needs. No matter where you need flooring, we have just the thing, with all the best characteristics.

Once you have your flooring material in mind we’ll start the actual installation with proper measurements. Even in areas that might not be perfectly square, or in spaces with odd shapes to install around, you can rest assured we’ll do a great job.

For many floor coverings, special tools are necessary. In most cases, a great deal of experience is needed as well, to help combat any special situations that might arise during the installation. Our installation team is trained and experienced to deal with anything that might come up during the process of putting your floors in place.

Once the installation is complete, we’ll be sure to do a clear and concise walk-through, so you’ll see the finished product. This is a great time to ask questions and discuss any possible maintenance requirements. Even after the job is completed, we’ll always be available, should you need answers, advice, or professionals cleanings or repair.

Let us plan your Stamford flooring installation

When you’re ready to start your installation process, SunShine Floor Supplies is here for you. From our showrooms in Stamford & Bridgeport, CT, and Dania Beach, FL, we service these areas with stunning materials and all the services necessary to bring them to life in your home. Our associates are ready to answer any questions you might have, and help set up the perfect flooring installation in Stamford or Bridgeport, CT, so be sure to visit us when you’re in the area.