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Your flooring begins as an extraordinary tree, and we only source these certified specimens from sustainable forests. Once these logs arrive at our facility, we embark on a fifteen-stage process. Experienced artisans use cutting edge machinery to accomplish tasks such as bark removal, filing, sanding, and texturing, for remarkable results.
A cutting-edge lab, equipped with the most unrivaled machinery, is what enables us to provide an outstanding color-matching service for your flooring. Experienced technicians are meticulous in their ability to match your sample. They accomplish this task by using an established and reliable method that replicates the necessary textures, stains, oils, and more. The result will be an exquisite match, no matter the sample species. This custom curation of color enables enumerable options for a variety of flooring matches, offering perfect hues and shades. Every match has the formidable backing of decades of experience and technological advancements.
The supplies process allows you to choose a design, texture, treatment, and more, for the best flooring options. With your specifics in place, our team of technicians will put their expertise to work to create a perfect product, with an excellent color match to any sample you’d like to provide.
Choose from a variety of dimensions and designs such as a traditional plank, stunning herringbone, or the ever-popular chevron configuration. Planks are, of course, straight, and uniformly placed. Our well-formed herringbone structure replicates that of a herring and can be rectangles or parallelograms. The chevron design consists of boards that slant to touch one another in a “V” formation. We can create all of these designs using boards of varying dimensions, including different widths and lengths, based on your requirements and preferences. We can do other designs, with unique dimensions, including cube, mansion weave, hexagon, and continuous Versaille designs as well.
Also known as AB-high grade, prime grade wood flooring is the highest possible grade and offers an extremely uniform appearance. It is generally a knot-free grade because it is harvested from the center of the log, but if knots are present, they are fairly small and not at all obtrusive.

Rustic grade, referred to in some circles as Third Grade is a general-purpose flooring that works for any home where character and contrast are desired. You’ll also note shorter plank lengths and a wide variety of coloration differences. You might also enjoy the particular texture grain and natural streaks that can bring a unique feel to your home.
Torched finishing is a popular form of artistry creates by a machine that is designed especially for the task. Each wood will react differently to the torched process and certain parts of the wood, like wide grains and knot holes, will burn more slowly, for a wholly unique appearance.

To make sure that there is a measure of consistency in the torching, the machine keeps the torches in a fixed position. The final effect will still vary, based on a variety of factors, including species and wood grain. The overall result will be elegant and timeless, and something you can enjoy for years to come.

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