Alta Vista Balboa Oak

Extra wide wood planks are beautifully hand sculpted & lightly wire brushed.


Alta Vista Hardwood Collection 7.5″ wide wood planks are beautifully hand sculpted & lightly wire brushed. The contemporary to traditional style comes in a wide range of modern colors that will suit any lifestyle. The Alta Vista hardwood floors collection is finished with Hallmark’s NuOil®, which employs a revolutionary new technology.

The finish on our Alta Vista hardwood collection has a unique performance characteristics that make it a great choice for someone who wants the visuals that only oil can provide. Oil finishes have been used for centuries on floors and furniture. NuOil® uses proprietary technology in the application of numerous coats of oil finish in the factory that make it the industry leader in wear-ability and stain resistance in oil finish.

Due to the unique hybrid multi-coat technology of NuOil®, it is not necessary to apply an additional coat of oil at time of installation. That can be reserved for a later date when it becomes desirable to refresh and renovate the floor. With NuOil® you get the best of all worlds: durability, amazing visuals, and a natural finish.

Alta Vista hardwood collection is simply beautiful.

Find out why it is the number one requested hardwood flooring collection today.

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