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Many commercial, industrial and institutional buildings have water storage tanks to supply or supplement their potable water or fire suppression systems.

Changes in air temperature, ground temperature and the sudden introduction of new water at different temperatures can cause expansion and contraction forcing movement of a tank’s structure. ECOPOXY AquaPura Potable Water Coating is formulated to flex and bend to adjust for these dynamic changes without disbanding.

ECOPOXY AquaPura Potable Water Coating possess the flexural modulus and elongation physical properties capable of moving with the tank wall. The molecular bond coupled with a mechanical profile provides high adhesion strength. This 30 mil coating results in a long lasting monolithic shell that will virtually eliminate peeling and flaking that will save thousands of dollars in capital replacement costs.









ECOPOXY AquaPura Potable Water Coating is a 2 component 100% solids epoxy coating systems that provides a structural bond which will protect and restore your concrete or fiberglass tank to a like “new finish”. ECOPOXY AquaPura Potable Water Coating is formulated as a high build system and reinforced with proprietary additives for physical strength. ECOPOXY AquaPura Potable Water Coating demonstrates superior adhesion to cementous and fiberglass surfaces. The thick continuous finish is both uniform and smooth with impeccable color and texture.

ECOPOXY AquaPura Potable Water Coating will recondition the tank surface and create a continuous barrier seal that is impenetrable against water, chemicals, and other influences that could harm a tank finish. This state of the art product is seamless, will fill cracks and smooth over roughened deteriorated surfaces to a smooth finish.

The application of ECOPOXY AquaPura Potable Water Coating will restore your tank making it easier to maintain and clean. The new non-porous finish does not allow algae to adhere to it and any chemicals or water stains are easily removed from the new finish. Whether restoring or refinishing the advantages of using this coating allows a quick return to service within 48 hours of finish coat.

ECOPOXY AquaPura Potable Water Coating is unmatched. This revolutionary eco-friendly coating will preserve your tank surface while protecting you and the environment.

ECOPOXY AquaPura Potable Water Coating Benefits:

  • Low Odor, Low VOC’s, Non Toxic
  • Durable and Chemical Resistant
  • Will not peel, flake or chalk
  • Eliminates acid washing, repainting or re-plastering
  • Out performs other resurfacing methods
  • Structurally strong water proof barrier
  • Reduces water loss through cracks
  • Strengthens concrete with an excellent bond strength
  • Smooth, nonporous, nonabrasive, easy to clean surface
  • Less filtration time, and chemical use due to no drag surface
  • Prevents algae and fungi growth
  • Results in high quality and long lasting
  • Tank can be filled within 48 hours