EcoPoxy BioPrimer Kit


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Ecopoxy BioPrimer is perfect for sealing and conditioning porous concrete surfaces to provide a sound foundation with optimal adhesion for top coats. EcoPoxy BioPrimer ensures a uniform look and long-lasting finish that will block moisture and effectively increase substrate protection against freeze thaw cycles and resist water, alkali and efflorescence.

Ecopoxy BioPrimer is a two component water based epoxy formulation providing excellent chemical resistance, hardness and adhesion performance for long-term durability. While non-toxic, odorless and contains no VOC’s it is 70% solids.

The BioPrimer delivers an exceptional level of high-performance resisting chemicals, cracking, peeling, chipping and will fill small cracks, voids and provide a sound base for a good build. Ecopoxy BioPrimer is an unparalleled performer.

This product is formulated to endure tough environments such as hospitals, food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, schools, fire stations, factories, parking garages and industrial warehouses.