Fidboxå¨ Electronic Monitoring System

Monitor temperature and relative humidity below your hardwood floor.

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The Fidbox® comes from the factory pre-programmed to measure temperature and humidity from two separate sensors every 8 hours, giving a historical record of the room’s environment.

Monitor from your PC or a smartphone with iPhone and Android apps.

Your Floors Now Have Data
Monitor temperature and relative humidity as well as a data log for historical readings all concealed just below the hardwood surface.

Easy Installation
From residential homes and commercial buildings, to art galleries and gym floors, the Fidbox can be easily added to any flooring project.

100% Reliable Data
Data cannot be altered and can be used as factual reference in response to claims or warranty disagreements.

Bluetooth Enabled
The Fidbox is able to connect with your IOS or Android mobile devices to transmit data and help you calculate the health of your wood floor.

Receive Alerts and Warnings
The Fidbox App will warn the owner of any issues where corrective actions need to take place to avoid potential damage.

Reduce Your Risk
Eliminate moisture-based claims with a proaction approach by letting the owner know the floor needs attention before it has irreconcilable damage.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions4 × 6 × 2 in