Fortifiber HWD-15 Hardwood Floor Underlayment

A superior building paper used to cover the sub-floor to reduce moisture vapor flow and aid in installation of wood flooring.

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Wood flooring is very sensitive to the effects of moisture. When you reduce moisture vapor rising from beneath moisture sensitive wood flooring, you help increase the useful life and protect the appearance of finished floors. To help win the battle, the Fortifiber Building Systems Group offers HWD-15 as economical insurance to reduce most moisture-related flooring problems.

HWD-15 hardwood floor underlayment is an extremely effective moisture vapor retarder specifically designed for optimum performance in wood flooring applications. Consisting of a single layer of kraft paper saturated with asphalt, HWD-15 is a permeable vapor retarder. It reduces vapor flow, without trapping moisture.

  • HWD-15 is a single ply, asphalt saturated, kraft paper.
  • Cut HWD-15 to length as required and overlap seams a mininum of 4 inches.
  • Supplied in 36″ x 144 ft. (432 sq. ft.)
  • Weighs 2.5 lbs/100 sq. ft.


  • Reduces the potential for cracking, cupping and warping
  • Smoother – easier positioning of plank & strip flooring
  • Reduces edge lap ridges in installation
  • Cleaner installation
  • Reduces jobsite cleanup
  • Cushioning agent – reduces minor noises and squeaks

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432 SQ FT