Protimeter Mini C Moisture Meter

The three-color coded LED scale gives the operator instant informatuion regarding “Dry”, At Risk” or “Wet” conditions.

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The Protimeter BLD2001 Mini is a low cost, highly durable moisture meter designed specifically for the wood floor installation industry. The BLD2001 is a pin type moisture meter that displays instant moisture content results on its 6 to 30% LED scale.

The numerical values represent the actual percent moisture content of wood (%MC) and the wood moisture equivalent (WME) of other materials. The Protimeter Mini C can be used to determine if the fabric of a building is in a dry, borderline or damp condition.

The three-color coded LED scale gives the operator instant informatuion regarding “Dry”, At Risk” or “Wet” conditions.

It is important that hardwood finish materials are in moisture equilibrium with the local indoor environment. The BLD2001 Mini C has this information printed right on the label.

  • Bright LED display for clarity
  • Durable and rugged design
  • Color coded moisture scale for simple classification of dry, borderline or damp conditions in materials
  • Comfortable to hold and easy to use
  • Auto shut off for increased battery life
  • Calibration chart included
  • Carrying case and 9V battery included

The Mini C can be used for making rapid moisture assessments in a wide range of building materials including wood, masonry, drywall, plaster and concrete. The instrument measuring pins are small and sharp which means measurements can be taken at the surface with virtually no mark left behind.

The Mini C can also be used to make quick readings on concrete sub floors. These readings are surface, but allow the operator to quickly determine the moisture risk.

Measures % moisture in over 150 species of wood, including Eastern white pine, lodgepole pine, red oak, white oak, and walnut. Calibration booklet included to help you with many more species.

Meter Specifications:

  • Size & Weight: Length – 7.02″; Width – 1.09″; Height – 1.91″; Weight – .33 lbs
  • Power: 9 volt battery Auto Power Shut Off
  • Moisture Content: 6% – 30% LED scale

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Dimensions7 × 2 × 1 in