For solid and engineered wood floors, mosaic parquet, industrial parquet, wood paving as well as chip boards and plywood.

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All-in-One Wood Flooring Urethane Adhesive, Moisture Vapor and Sound Reduction Membrane

SikaBond-T21 All-in-One is a 1-component, low VOC, low odor, super strong, moisture-cured polyurethane adhesive for full surface wood floor bonding.

T21 can be used as a vapor retarding, crack-bridging and sound reduction membrane. A permanently elastic, super strong, very low permeability moisture-cure polyurethane adhesive for full surface wood floor bonding.

SikaBond-T21 may be used for solid and engineered wood floors (strips, longstrips, planks, panels, boards), mosaic parquet, industrial parquet, wood paving (residential) as well as chip boards and plywood.

Once cured, SikaBond-T21 will generate a super strong bond to a variety of substrates for glue down installations and at the same time form a membrane which reduces moisture vapor transmission from the subfloor and reduces sound.

  • 270% elongation
  • Extremely easy to trowel
  • Crack bridging
  • Low odor
  • Excellent Green Grab
  • Suitable for common types of wood flooring
  • Creates sound reduction layer
  • Especially good for problematic woods such as beech and bamboo
  • Contains no water
  • Bonds solid wood flooring up to ¾” thick and 8“ wide, and engineered planks up to 14“ wide directly to concrete without length limitations.
  • Eliminates sleepers and plywood over concrete and gypsum substrates
  • Permanently elastic – allows planks to expand and contract without damage to the adhesive
  • Tenacious bond

Sika’s systems for wood floors consist of innovative products which contribute to sustainable construction solutions in many ways:

Superior Adhesion and Green Grab
SikaBond adhesives will develop a strong and durable bond to most types of woods.

Elastic bonding reduces the stress to substrates and guarantees a durable wood floor with long life time.

Easy Trowelability
Sika’s wood flooring products are smooth and easy to apply, preventing fatigue.

Fast Curing
Fast curing products shorten the application time, which enable contractors to finish their work in less time. Sika’s wood floor bonding adhesives allow sanding and finishing within 8 – 12 hours.

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